Details and operation of Tesla invader 2/3 box mod

For these two pieces of battery cover of the box mod vape, the details is very good. Both sides at the bottom has nine cooling holes. The battery cover inside has the circuit points (three battery back cover battery use itself connect). When the battery cover was not fully cover the host is not live.

Three battery cover contact points with battery contact points adopt the surface silver plated, which increase current pass rate and antioxidant capacity.

The design of the locking mechanism between battery cover and the fuselage  is very attentively. Battery cover uses card slot structure to connect with the box mod. The host position at the bottom is the battery cover’s position, which can hold the battery cover. The card slot fit is quite high, no loose and shaking.

Inside the battery compartments there is nothing to discern. Battery with silver plated points and the circuit connection points have a good elasticity, giving electronic cigarette users a comfortable experience. 510 contactor upgraded, contact more, improve current pass rate, but the paint solid degree of the box mod is still not very ideal. It is quite simple to switch battery mode. You do not have to remove the battery cover on the spare battery, just plug and play.

Operation mode is still the continuation of the invaders series switch model and the LED display lamp set. The regulation of the output is simple and easy to get started.

Reducing minimum voltage let the box mod more affinity to novice players, let the novice players in burning wire operation can better control the heating wire adjustment time.

Minimum 0.1 ohm resistance value set, of course, some limit party may can’t accept. But as most people’s daily power output box mod is also very good. If you are interested in the tesla invader 2/3. You can find it on urvapin.

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