Joyetech Cuboid 150W Review

The Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC box mod is smart, simple, and safe. This mod is great for beginner vapers but might not be so great for vapers who want more control in setting their firing power.


  • Smart and safe to use
  • Upgrading to 200w is easy
  • Compact for a dual battery regulated mod
  • Curved edges for comfort


  • Experienced vapers might not like how the mod regulates power output
  • Thin paint
  • Plastic strip easily scratches

Bottom Line

Newbies who are afraid to try out using regulated mods will love the Joyetech Cuboid. The safety feature is great so you know you will be vaping safe with this mod.

Joyetech CUBOID 150W Box Mod Review

The Joyetech Cuboid 150w box mod is upgradable to 200w. That means you can have more power now for your vaping preference which is still safely regulated by the Cuboid’s system. The safety system is loved by beginner vapers and might be hated by the more daring vapers who want to have full control in the power that they can hold.


In The Box


You get the mod, USB cable, authenticity code, and user’s manual. The Joyetech Cuboid comes in three different colors: black, silver, and grey.


Out Of The Box


As soon as I got the mod I tested it with different RDAs and they fit well and fired well with the “connector”. I decided to upgrade the firmware from the Joyetech website after a week of having the Cuboid mod. No batteries included.

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Design And Compatibility


Joyetech Cuboid mod colors (Black, Silver, Grey)


The Joyetech Cuboid mod has a compact design with smooth curved edges around so it’s comfortable to grip. It has a 510 stainless steel thread and spring connector which has worked well with all of my RDAs. It is lightly painted so wear on the paint may be seen within 2-3 months of use from putting it down on rough surfaces. I also accidentally scratched the top painted part of the mod with a screw driver. Asides from that, no additional wear appeared near the scratch since it is not in contact with any surfaces.


There is a long shiny plastic strip which runs from top to bottom for the display. This scratches easily. The display sits in the middle of the strip and the controls for the mod is below the display.


I have had no problems with the firing button. It works well and is responsive.


The micro USB port is on the top of the left side which is a the opposite side of the mod’s firing button.


The slip-open cover on the bottom lets you replace the batteries by pulling the slider over. It has an onboard reverse polarity protection, which prevents damage incase you incorrectly install your batteries.


attery Reverse Polarity Protection


The Cuboid uses two replaceable 18650 batteries. Joyetech recommends using high-rate 18650 cells with rated discharge current ≥25A.


Cuboid 150W Output and Dual Battery Bar


Upgrading Firmware


It is quick and easy by downloading the file from the Joyetech website ( into the mod through the USB cable.


Cuboid Firmware Upgrade




Customized TCR available. Some options are M1, M2, and M3 so you can customize the TCR based on your build’s material.


Cuboid TCR Value Range


Vaping And Charging


I found this very easy to use. The Joyetech Cuboid mod will go up to 150w out of the box and up to 200w after upgrade. I usually vape between 20w to 50w, occasionally 70w but I wanted to see how far up the power will go when I have an RDA attached. It will only bring up to what it calculates as “safe” so not all your builds will be vapable at 200w.


This feature provides an assurance to beginners that they will be safe vaping on the Cuboid mod.


The USB also allows you to charge your batteries through the mod but I still charge my batteries with a separate charging device.


The Joyetech Cuboid 150w is a durable mod. Having kids running around the house it’s hard to keep things on the table. My Cuboid accidentally dropped from 1 ft on the mod’s bottom (closed with batteries inside) still works well and did not affect its performance.


Joyetech Cuboid 150w TC box mod


The Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC Box Mod is smart, simple, and safe. You could probably get a silicone sleeve to protect the paint and the plastic strip if you want to prevent the mod from scratches. With this mod you need to keep your RDA/RTAs contacts clean. Make sure there’s no overflow of juice getting in your contacts or else you might encounter the mod not firing. This mod is great for beginners but might not be so great for vapers who want more control in setting their firing power.

Atopack Penguin – Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals

Joyetech consistently delights their fans with an updated range. Most often, we are dealing with new versions of existing devices. The company releases completely new products not so often, but when this happens, the attention of almost the entire community of vape is focused on their new products. So it was when Joyetech showed their eGrip II . Atopack Penguin , the first information about which appeared only a couple of days ago, produced even greater effect . The novelty is the first manufacturer’s experience in this market segment. I propose to see what happened with the Chinese and decide for themselves whether the company should continue to continue working in this direction.

Atopack Penguin - Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals

Designers have tried their best! What I want to note right away is that there really is a connection between the name and the appearance of the device. If you look closely, it will be easy to find a penguin resemblance, and this will not be self-persuasion! As befits such a compact device, the new product is available in several bright color options. Judging by the renders, the coating is glossy, which can adversely affect after some time of use. But what to do, beauty still requires sacrifice. The entire control panel of the device is located on the front end and consists of a fire button, a battery status indicator and a micro usb connector.

Atopack Penguin - Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals

Dimensions :

Height – 102.5 mm.
Width – 52 mm.
Thickness – 26.5 mm.
Weight – 139.5 g.

Atopack Penguin - Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals


I admit honestly, when I saw what format the novelty refers to, I assumed that it would be another device with a tiny battery and replaceable atomizing units. But Joyetech surprised me with their approach to business. In fact, we are dealing with a full-fledged AIO device, which has quite good technical indicators.

The work of the entire bundle is provided by a 2000 mah battery, which is a very good indicator with such a compact case. There is no information on the range of working resistance. But the manufacturer draws our attention to the presence of the function of fast charging (2A), and this is in the device of the initial class!

Atopack Penguin - Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals

Especially for the “Penguin” developed a new system of evaporators – JVIC. The principle of its action is demonstrated by the manufacturer on the renders. At the moment, only two options of evaporators are available – 0.6 and 0.25 ohm, and something tells me that it is not worth waiting for additional options here – not that level.

Atopack Penguin - Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals

Atopack Penguin - Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals

The user can choose from two options for the atomizer – with a tank of 8.8 and 2 ml of liquid. The last option was created for those who need to comply with the TPD standards. The cartridges have special labels with the ability to indicate the manufacturer of the fluid, its name, the amount of nicotine and the ratio of PG / VG. Apparently, in this way the manufacturer hints to us that having several cartridges at once is very convenient.

Atopack Penguin - Joyetech again leaves no chance to rivals

Do you like? In my opinion, even an experienced user, who simply does not need such a simple device, may be interested in such a device. The novelty will surely attract attention with its appearance, but I cannot say that this is the only reason for buying. Joyetech once again showed that in the minds of their employees there is enough fresh and interesting ideas. I think the emergence of such a product from Joyetech will greatly affect the overall market situation, competitors will definitely not be happy.

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Joyetech CUBOID Lite Review

I suppose it is the job of any product reviewer to warn consumers about the false claims made by companies about their products. So, in keeping with my duty as a vape reviewer, I must state unequivocally that the Joyetech CUBOID Lite is not, I repeat, is NOT a touchscreen device. Let the record show.

It seems strange that Joyetech chooses to capitalize on the touchscreen trend that they successfully carried on with the CUBOID Pro, not by releasing another touchscreen device, but by releasing devices that appear to have a touchscreen, but do not. Which is why my fellow vape reviewers have gone to over-the-top lengths to warn vapers about Joyetech’s deception.

Joyetech CUBOID Lite Review

The CUBOID Lite, like its predecessor the just-reviewed CUBOID Tap looks like it has a big, bright touchscreen, but that’s all vape and mirrors. The Lite is a smaller device in both size and power that can only vape a maximum of 80W on its internal 3000mAh battery.

The Lite comes packaged with the new, incorrectly-named Exceed D22 tank and EX atomizers that offer both deep, lung hits and mouth-to-lung hits, with two different coil options. There is no tap tech present on this mod, although it’s probably better that it doesn’t since its size makes it great for portability and the tap buttons would’ve diminished that factor.


Here’s what you’ll find in your Joyetech CUBOID Lite kit:

  • One CUBOID Lite mod
  • One Exceed D22 tank
  • One EX 0.5ohm coil
  • One EX 1.2ohm coil
  • One glass tube extender
  • One extended vent pipe
  • One USB charging/upgrade cable
  • Two user manuals
  • One warranty card
  • One warning card
  • One bag of spare parts
Inside and Out: The Joyetech CUBOID Lite

Again, although you may be tempted to start tapping at the large 1.45 inch OLED screen on the CUBOID Lite (it’s so damn inviting!), it is NOT a touchscreen device. The Lite has a very standard side firing panel, as well as a rocker-style selector button on the front of the device and underneath the OLED screen.

The screen on the Lite reminded me a lot of the screen on the EKEE, also from Joyetech, since it looks almost endless and features hidden figures and emojis that pop up when you enable various, superfluous options on the mod’s board (i.e., nicotine counter).

The Lite measures almost 115mm in height with the Exceed D22 tank attached and it feels quite comfortable to hold, although the finish on the mod seems like it would be prone to easy scratching.

The side firing panel stops responding about halfway down, so you don’t have to worry about the device firing inadvertently if you touch any part of the panel. Since Joyetech wanted to maintain that touchscreen illusion, the USB charging port that also allows for the Lite to be upgraded using downloadable firmware is located, awkwardly so, on the top of the opposite side panel.

The 510 connector at the top of the device is spring-loaded and looks relatively deep, and goes to around 5.5mm in depth but I noticed a bit of a gap between the top of the device and the bottom of the Exceed tank, which didn’t throw me that much. The top of the device can comfortably accommodate any tank at least 25mm in diameter.

At the very bottom of the device, you’ll find a few venting holes, as well as a secret, factory reset button, should your device ever decide to self-terminate.

Getting to Know the Joyetech CUBOID Lite

The CUBOID Lite belongs to the same family of CUBOID products, so navigating them has become second nature at this point since I’ve used and reviewed almost all of the CUBOID family members.

The side firing panel worked very well, and it was responsive and gave excellent, reassuring clicks. The same can be said about the selector buttons with two different sides. You can do variable wattage, temperature control with three different materials (nickel, stainless steel, and titanium), TCR mode, as well as bypass mode, which seemed like a needless addition for a beginner’s device.

You click the firing panel three times to enter the menu mode and then when in menu mode, you press the right side of the selector button to move in between the various outputs. Being only an 80W device the Lite did not need to run so high on the wattage scale, but getting to any other wattage level took too long for my tastes.

And yet another thing that seemed to be misplaced was the power limit feature on the device. Attaching any new atomizer onto the mod will prompt the board to ask the user if they wish to enable the power limit function.

If you answer “yes,” the board detects the coil material and sets an appropriate power limit, which you cannot traverse, unless you unscrew and reattach the atomizer and answer “no” to the prompt. I could see how this device would be handy on high-powered devices, but putting it on a low-wattage device seems counterintuitive.

There are also a few protection features included on the Lite’s board. You can enable what Joyetech calls the ENU system that, if activated, will stop charging your battery should the temperature become too hot.

You can access the ENU feature, along with the timeout, preheat and nicotine counter features by clicking the firing panel and the up selector button at the same time, which will bring you into the secondary menu.

Taking a Vape with the Joyetech CUBOID Lite

I’ll be upfront – I did not like the Exceed D22. The tank was a complete let-down in both the looks and performance department. It looked overly dull and had no eye-catching accents, and even the Exceed and Joyetech logos looked uninspired and flat.

Regarding its performance, the Exceed did not exceed whatsoever. The disparate parts were difficult to unscrew and reassemble, and I found pieces coming off that I didn’t know could come off (like the airflow regulator), while parts that I wanted to come off presented a problem.

The one saving grace of the Exceed was the glass tube extended, which added an extra 1.5ml to the 2ml capacity, giving you a total of 3.5ml. But with the smaller than normal coils, you need to attach the pipe extender to the atomizer when you do decide to use the tank extension.

Speaking of the atomizers, the two options that come with the Lite are the pre-installed EX 1.2ohm coil and the EX 0.5ohm direct-to-lung coil. It was ambitious for Joyetech to attempt to make the Lite a mouth-to-lung device, and I think their efforts were not in vain.

Oh, and I did speak too soon about there only being one saving grace on the Exceed. The presence of two distinct airflow options, three pinholes for MTL and one wide, direct lung slot, was also a great addition to the Exceed’s build.

The EX 1.2ohm coil performed wonderfully, I must say. It wasn’t the best MTL hit I’ve ever taken off of a mod, but it was a fair imitation. The independent airflow vents helped in getting that smoking feeling since I left open only one of the three pinhole vents.

The EX 0.5ohm coil was equally exceptional in its performance. I switched back to a higher VG content e-juice to vape with the sub-ohm coil, and its vapor production was supple, and flavorful, although the clouds were still a little on the light side.

How the Joyetech CUBOID Lite Stacks Up

I knew there was another low-wattage device I had recently reviewed that I could make a comparison to the CUBOID Lite. After looking back through my files, I found what I was looking for, the VaporFi V-Grip 75W TC mod.

The V-Grip and Lite have very similar features. They have a full complement of vaping outputs, from the basic variable wattage mode to bypass and TCR modes. Both the V-Grip and Lite are smaller than usual devices.

The V-Grip took only one removable 18650 battery and had a maximum output of just 75W, which is pretty apparent. The V-Grip also had a parallel firing bar as its primary firing mechanism. The most prominent difference I can see between the two devices is obviously the screens.

The V-Grip’s screen was practically thumbnail-size when compared to the IMAX-like OLED screen on the CUBOID Lite. But to reward the CUBOID Lite just for its display seems a bit unfair to the workhorse-like sturdiness and dependability of the V-Grip.

So, I’ll swing back in the other direction and give it the V-Grip just based on its exceptional, consistent performance with any manner of sub-ohm or mouth-to-lung coil and tank.



While I was never a smoker, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy slowly exhaling a mouthful of vapor Tony Soprano-style with a mouth-to-lung capable device like the CUBOID Lite. The 1.2ohm coil lived up to its promise, as did the sub-ohm option.

OLED Screen

You become transfixed by the unknown depths that the OLED screen on the Lite seems to contain within its small recesses. With that said, all your vaping information is laid-out beautifully on the screen, with crisp and bright readouts that don’t leave you scratching your head as to what they mean.

Battery life

The internal 3000mAh battery, at a full charge, and with moderate-style vaping lasted for at least a day and a half. The 2A charging capability on the Lite was a bonus and guaranteed only minimal downtime from vaping.

Safety Protections

Joyetech included a lot of protections onto the device they didn’t have to add. Although the protections might not interest a serious, veteran vaper, they’re great aids to help guide new vapers around the dangers of overheating and incompatible coil and wattage combos.


Exceed tank

I knew just from the mismated name that the Exceed would not deliver in any way, and I was right. Even though I appreciated the two airflow options that coincided with the two coil options, the rest of the Exceed tank disappointed both in its challenging layout and design plainness.

In the End

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the CUBOID line. Although there are now three devices that fly under the CUBOID banner, there is still much more exploring to do concerning how far or how low or how small Joyetech can make their CUBOID models.

The CUBOID Lite did not exactly live up to the greatness of the Pro, but it did not commit the same blunders as the extra-sensitive, over-loaded with features CUBOID Tap. The Lite is exactly what its name promises.

Its portability is excellent. It performs well as both a direct-lung and mouth-to-lung device and its extendable e-juice capacity paired with the 3000mAh battery ensured lengthy vaping sessions. And the OLED screen just screamed out to be touched, but it’s strange (and a little sad) that Joyetech has yet to show the courage to come out with another touchscreen device.

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Now It’s Available : Joyetech Cuboid Lite 80W Box Mod with Exceed D22 Atomizer

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