Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Reviewed: A Pod Mod With Flavor!

Introduction – The Atopack Dolphin By Joyetech

The Joyetech Atopack Dolphin is from one of the foremost, Shenzhen based vaping brands specializing in affordable, convenient gear. Sometime’s they can be a little hit and miss but they have come up with a quite few winners in the past and I dare say, their products are improving steadily.

Their Cuboid series of mods was a huge success, as was their innovative pod mod design in the Atopack Penguin.

While the pod mod may not be the choice for hard core cloud chasers, it’s appeal for beginners is undeniable and I’ve seen this first hand.

New users and cross over vapers will be more likely to stick with something that’s discreet, easy to use, portable and doesn’t constantly need charging or refilling, which is exactly what the Atopack Penguin SE provided.

The Joyetech Dolphin utilizes the same revolutionary cartridge system but the unit feels even smaller and more ergonomic. This is a neat little device. While it’s not a big cloud machine by ordinary mod standards, it does deliver an unexpected flavor burst, thanks to a ceramic base and vertical juice injection system which goes to show, the guys at Joyetech are working hard!

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Atopack Dolphin Battery
  • 1 x Atopack Dolphin Cartridge
  • 1 x Atopack Coil (JVIC3 1.2 Ohm MTL)
  • 1 x Atopack Coil (JVIC2 0.25 Ohm DL
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x QC USB Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Warning card
  • Silicon mouthpiece restrictor


  • 6 ml cartridge, 2 ml also available
  • 2100mAh on board battery
  • 50 W maximum output
  • Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 31mm
  • 92 g weight
  • Transparent juice tank
  • Available in yellow, blue, white, black and orange
  • 2 A charge
  • LED battery life indicators
  • Cartridge side fill without removal of coil head
  • JVIC vertical juice injection system
  • MTL and DL coils included

Build Quality & Design

Now, given the fact that I own a Penguin, I knew this thing would be small but what first struck me on opening the well presented drawer box packaging, was how much more ergonomic this looked.

Picking it up, it sort of disappears in my palm, it’s so rounded and discreet. It’s also very lightweight but the problem with this is that, combined with the shiny, plastic finish on the black version I received, it ends up looking very cheap and feeling that way too…from what I’ve seen though, the color options look far classier.

The thing is, a pod mod should be lightweight, so I can’t actually subtract points for that part. It’s definitely lighter than the Penguin, the casing is now plastic (as far as I can tell) instead of zinc alloy like the Penguin.

The black version is an absolute fingerprint magnet and also, as you may have noticed, pretty darn hard to photograph without photographing your own warped reflection.

So, this modular, dolphin shaped doohickey has no screen or controls, only 5 LED indicators which will display your battery levels. 5 LEDs on means full, 1 means empty…and so on.

There is a big thumb print shaped and thumb print sized fire button, doubling as a 5 click on or off switch.

The pod, when standing alongside the Penguin, is slightly thicker, shorter and rounded instead of flattened at the sides, there are no sharp edges, it’s all ergonomically rounded and smooth as a…a Dolphin, I suppose.

The pod has a mouthpiece, not a drip tip, as such; you suck through an extension of the cartridge so you can’t remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge.

I definitely see why it’s called a Dolphin, the mouthpiece looks like the snout of a dolphin, no two ways about it. The mouthpiece is definitely smaller than Joyetech’s previous pod system, at .9cm now, which should be a good thing when it comes to MTL…well, it should be.

The mouthpiece and cartridge, which are attached, must be separated from the battery to change the coil or to fill the tank.joyetech atopack dolphin tank

One upgrade I’ve noticed since the Penguin is the fact that you needn’t remove the coil head from the cartridge to get to the fill point, you can simply unplug a silicon tab on the side of the cartridge to fill…but you can still fill the cartridge through the slot behind the coil too, I discovered this before I’d noticed to new fill method.

Where the dolphin’s forehead would be (were this a real dolphin), you’ll find two fixed airflow slots, below which are the fire button, the micro USB port and and LEDs, in that order.

When I draw through the mouthpiece with the device off, I’m getting a good restricted lung flow but if I’m guessing right, this is not going to be restricted enough for MTL.

The LEDs run vertically over 2 cm, they’re big and bright in dim light but not overly obvious in daylight.

There is a seam running around the pod below the fire button which, as far as I can tell, serves no purpose and is just a manufacturing detail.

On the other side of the pod, the side closest to the mouthpiece and not the airflow slots, there’s a busy little cluster of ‘Atopack Dolphin Joyetech’ branding…

The base has six little ventilation slots for the built in battery.

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Quick Start Guide To The Joyetech Atopack Dolphin

To set up the device, one needs to remove the plastic stopper that’s sitting where the coil should be, at the bottom of the removed cartridge, replace it with the coil of your choice (MTL or DL), fill your cartridge and then bombs away.

Atopack Dolphin Coils

Let’s chat about those coils though. The JVIC system, which lies below the juice well when your cartridge is fitted, is fitted with the coil lying horizontally.

An opening in the side of the coil head allows the juice to enter the coil chamber from the side, so that cotton gets a good soaking and, hopefully, you get a lot of flavor and no dry hits. The entire casing of the head is ceramic, which is also a flavor maximizer. To top that off, gravity will keep your coil soaked.

atopack dolphin coilI find that the rounded shape of the Dolphin makes the cartridge and mouthpiece tricky to get a grip on for removal, your fingers sort of slide off the mouthpiece half the time when you pull but it’s usually 3rd time lucky for me, although I sometimes have to stick my nails into the seam to separate the pieces as there’s no tab for leverage.

All in all I find this system ultra easy to use, with a big 6 ml cartridge, you don’t need to fill often and the silicon seating for the coil head is perfectly manufactured to make it a pleasure to remove and replace the coil head.

My initial setup (having used the Penguin before) took me less than a minute, which epitomizes what the pod mod is about, convenience and ease of use.

What’s more, I found the silicon seating for the coil is removable, meaning, you can clean the cartridge out when you want to freshen up your flavor.

I also like the fact that the cartridge is see-through so you needn’t remove the whole section to check juice levels.

I’ve seen the other colored models pictured and, in my opinion, they look smarter than the black, which is near impossible to look directly at since you’re always seeing a reflection in it’s surface or your own juicy finger marks, I suppose beauty’s in the eye of the beholder though…ahem. I’m a little particular about looks.


A cable is included for 2A charge. You’ll also find an extra silicon mouthpiece sleeve or restrictor. Then there 2 coils, a 1.2 Ohm MTL head and a 0.25 Ohm DL head, the JVIC 3 and the JVIC 2. There’s nothing more you need in a starter kit.

How Does The Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Perform?

Look, this isn’t a vape that screams power, in fact it hardly even says it out loud, unless you’re in the 5 LED battery level range, once that 5th LED goes out though, the power is stretched. That’s what you get from fixed voltage.

I’d say this device only functions optimally when between 80 and 100% battery levels, especially on the 0.25 Ohm coil, which needs at least 40W to be itself.atopack dolphin battery lights

With that said, I see fairly good vapor production on both coils, far more than you’d expect by the look of the device. This is an outstanding device for beginners, no question.

The device doesn’t protest to a long draw either..though long draws tend to drain the battery rather fast. Still, the device remains cool and functional, even when you pressure it: which you probably shouldn’t, for the sake of your coils.

The main reason it stays so cool, it’s completely heat resistant, with it’s PETG / silicon cartridge and ceramic coil head. Whatever overheating might happen with an extended draw is not going further than your coil.

I’ve noticed that one is inclined to abuse the fact that this device stays super cool with extended firing and the result is that you tend to think it chucks more cloud than it does.

I tested it against a handful of devices with a 30-50W range, over the space of a 5 second draw and the results were average when compared to regulated mini mods and new mini AIOs, like the Exceed D19 from Joyetech…for a pod mod though, it’s excellent.

I find the airflow to be a little more restricted than the Penguin was, which is a good thing! Still, even with the mouthpiece restrictor fitted (and I prefer to leave it on all round), I find the airflow a little too full for MTL, almost…but not quite there.joyetech atopack dolphin mtl mouthpiece

I found that shutting off one airflow hole with a finger worked for my MTL, when worst came to worst. Show about an airflow restricting stopper next time if you can’t include adjustable flow? I didn’t find that the mouthpiece restrictor made much of a difference.

That said, I have met a few people who found it optimal.

I’ll be honest: this is not the most solid 50W Max vape around but combined with this level of portability and the fact that it’s not really breakable, it’s still a winner and it will meet the needs of many people. It’s an awesome pod system.

If forced to chose between the Penguin and the Dolphin I’d be hard pressed, they are very, very similar in function. Portable, convenient and discreet, I’d say the Penguin is good for the back pocket, while the Dolphin is good for the side, purely based on shape.

How To Fill The Atopack Dolphin

  • Separate the mouthpiece from the battery by pulling the parts in opposite directions
  • Locate the little silicon tab
  • Open it
  • Fill to capacity
  • Replace all components

How To Change the Atopack Dolphin Coils

  • Separate the mouthpiece from the battery
  • Remove the coil head from its silicon seating
  • Replace

Stock Coil Performance

JVIC 3 MTL Coil Head

Okay, so the JVIC 3 MTL coil that’s included has a 1.2 Ohm resistance. It feels like a good coil and the flavor is very much there. My issue is that I don’t find the airflow restricted enough for a comfortable MTL so I don’t feel I’m getting the most out of this coil.

I can take an MTL draw and get an average cloud, it’s just not comfortable, I’m swallowing air.

JVIC 2 Coil Head

The JVIC 2 Coil, which also came with the Penguin SE and has a 0.25Ohm resistance, has outstanding flavor, on par with the JVIC3 but with the airflow perfect for a restricted DL hit. You really get a good vape on it, when your battery level is at 80-100%.

I used really high VG juice on both coils, about 80%, which is not ideal for this style device but the coils held up nicely and the flavor on both was really pronounced.

Battery Life

I’d say maybe 8 hours sporadic vaping of a chance and also a tendency to drain faster when it’s lower because its fixed voltage (so power diminishes with battery life) and you compensate by taking longer draws. I was impressed by charge time though, only half an hour.

What I Liked

The convenience of a large tank and a very rugged device that won’t break in your pocket. I liked the see-through tank and the ease of both fill and coil change.

What’s more, you can change coils without spilling any juice, even when the tank is full. I like the airflow for DL hits. I found the flavor to be excellent all round, for a pod system…way better than expected. Oh and ergonomics couldn’t be better either.

What I Dislike

I’d have liked to see at least a rudimentary adjustable airflow for a comfortable MTL because the airflow, for me, is too open for MTL.

I’m not a big fan of fixed voltage devices and find the vape becomes somewhat unsatisfactory when below 60% (3 LEDs) on this device as the 0.25 Ohm coil head needs more power. I’m definitely not a fan of the reflective, fingerprint loving finish on the black version.

Final Review Verdict

A lot of my criticisms of the Joyetech Atopack Dolphin have to do with personal preference but when taken for what it is, which is a discreet and highly portable, easy to use pod system, this pod mod gets a big thumbs up.

I’ve offered a few beginner and smoker friends a selection of small and large mods to try, with the Dolphin being among them and 3 out of 5 opted for the Dolphin…and that is after taking a test draw on all of them. This is a winner for beginners and ex-smokers and a really good job from Joyetech, with only 1 or 2 details I’d like to see changed on the upgrade.


Would I buy the Joyetech Atopack Dolphin if I managed to lose or break it? Yes…but I’d get one of the colored versions that I can’t see myself in.

Have you used the Dolhin pod mod? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!


  • Ease of fill and coil change
  • Portability and ergonomics
  • DL airflow
  • Flavor on both coils
  • Juice capacity
  • Super fast charge


  • To much airflow on MTL for my taste
  • Not enough power under 60% battery life, a personal preference
  • Shiny, print catching finish on the black model

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Joyetech Ego AIO Review

Joyetech Ego AIO Intro

What is an all in one vape?- Infographic

We review the new Joyetech Ego AIO. This is a pen style AIO (all-in-one) device, which means it is capable of both mouth to lung or direct lung vaping and includes a inbuilt battery. The Ego AIO comes with a 2ml leakproof tank similar to that of the Joyetech Cubis tank. It also features a unique top fill that has a child proof lock on it.

In my opinion the Ego AIO is aimed at smokers looking to quit smoking (beginner vapers) or vapers who are looking for a smaller stealth vaping device for taking out and about.

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Joyetech Ego AIO Specs and Features


Joyetech eGo AIO SS316 0.6 Coil

Joyetech eGo AIO SS316 0.6 Coil

The Joyetech Ego AIO uses the same coil heads as the Cubis. All of these coil head swill work on the Ego AIO. The kit itself comes with two 0.6ohm SS coil heads.

Coil heads available for the Joyetech Ego AIO and the Joyetech Cubis tank: 1.5ohm Clapton (MTL), 1ohm SS 316, 0.6ohm SS 316, 0.5ohm SS 316 and 0.2ohm Ni200.

Notes on Airflow

The airflow on the widest setting (both dots aligned) is an ok direct lung draw. For those used to sub ohm tanks this draw might feel slightly restrictive. You can still direct lung, but it is no-where near as airy as any sub ohm tanks. It will suffice for some stealth direct lung vaping when out and about.

The MTL draw (turn the airflow dot 90 degrees) is good for MTL inhales, but not as restrictive as the draw on the Innokin T18 for example. It is still a good draw for smokers looking for their first vape.


There are 7 different colored LED lights to choose from. These light up in the tank when firing. These lights can also be turned off if you want to save battery life or do not like the lights.


Child Proof Top Fill Lock

Joyetech eGo AIO Charging Port

Joyetech eGo AIO Charging Port

The Joyetech Ego AIO has a great top fill which makes re-filling its 2ml tank really easy. The top fill lid is also locked with a child proof cap. This means you need to push down on it to open it. We have child proof caps on e-liquids, so why not have them on tanks? We think this is a great feature.

AIO Capability

Joyetech eGo AIO Packaging

Joyetech eGo AIO Packaging

We like these new AIO devices that are coming out. It gives vapers a lot of flexibility when it comes to their vape. Whilst the Ego AIO is more suited to MTL vaping, the direct lung draw isn’t too bad if you don’t mind it being more restrictive than the draw on sub ohm tanks.

Battery Life

The Joyetech Ego AIO has a 1500mAh battery, which is pretty great considering its small size. It is smaller in size compared with the Innokin Endura T18 and yet has a 1500mAh battery compared to the 1000mAh battery on the Endura!


Joyetech eGo AIO Size Comparison to the eGo One & eGo One Mini

Joyetech eGo AIO Size Comparison to the eGo One & eGo One Mini

The Ego AIO is a pretty tiny device. It slightly bigger than both the Joyetech Ego One and Ego One Mini, but smaller than the Innokin Endura T18. It fits really nicely in your pocket and is easy to carry around with you. You also won’t have to worry about any leaking in your pockets!

Coil Selection

There are plenty of coils to choose from giving vapers plenty of options. We tried both the 0.6ohm coil and the 1.5ohm Clapton and they both vaped well and produced nice flavor and vapor. We think these might be newer version of the original Cubis coils, as we were not impressed with the initial Cubis coils. It seems Joyetech have ironed out these issues. This isn’t a device for flavor chasers and obviously can’t compare to some of the best sub ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs. For beginners however, I think the Ego AIO provides a terrific vaping experience.


The Ego AIO is being sold as a kit at around $25 or less depending on where you get it from. This is a great price for those looking for their first vape set up! The Innokin Endura for example is about $5 more expensive and the Ego Ones are even more expensive than the Endura.

Spiral Drip Tip (Anti Spit-Back)

The installed drip tip features spiral design on the inside. This does a great job at protecting against any spit-back that might occur. The spare see-through drip tip does not however feature this spiral design.


Airflow Control Markings

The airflow is difficult to adjust given the lack of markings. For MTL we found it best with the dot moved 90 degrees to either side of the main marking. We would have liked to have seen another marking to indicate this spot for MTL.


The 2ml is a bit on the small side but understandable given the size of the device. The Ego AIO does have a top fill, but we still would have liked to have seen an additional 0.5 or 1ml of extra e-liquid capacity.


Joyetech eGo AIO Handcheck

Joyetech eGo AIO Handcheck

We were not a fan of the looks of this device. The black color looks the best, but the others look too ultra-futuristic in our opinion. We are so used to using words like “sleek” and “elegant”, but they definitely don’t apply to this device – it’s a bit of an ugly one!


We are very impressed with the Joyetech Ego AIO. It is a great device for beginners and for those looking to quit smoking. It will also be a good option for those more experienced vapers looking for a portable stealth vape.

Whilst we weren’t a fan of the looks of the Ego AIO, there is not a lot else to complain about. For $25 is it a great price for a device that will be well suited to smokers trying vaping for the first time.

If you are looking for your first vaping device then the Joyetech Ego AIO is a fantastic choice and comparable to Innokin’s Endura T18. Given its AIO capability, smaller size and higher battery capacity we think the Joyetech AIO edges the Endura T18. However, if you want a tighter draw the Innokin T18 is the way forward, as the MTL draw on the Ego AIO was marginally less restrictive.

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Digiflavor Drop RDA Preview | A Builder’s Perfect Deck

Digiflavor Drop RDA Intro

The Drop RDA is yet another collaborative creation; designed and conceptualized by Brian, the man behind the You Tube channel, “The Vapor Chronicles.” After six months in the making, it is now ready to hit the shelves! Here’s a little of what you can expect to see from this design…

Colors: Black, Stainless Steel

Digiflavor Drop RDA Specs and features



  • Size: 24 x 26.5 mm
  • Drip Tip Size: 18 x 8 mm
  • Deep and spacious juice well

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x DROP RDA
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 x 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Spare parts pack
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Bottom Feed Positive Pin

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Digiflavor has done it again!

It is Digiflavor’s focus on flavor that underpins all of their designs. Keeping this objective in mind, the Drop RDA is an original, performance-driven platform that is unlike any we have seen before.

Sitting at a height of 25.6 mm and offering a 24 mm outside diameter, this simple, two-toned atomizer is unlikely to turn heads based on appearance alone. However, with more time and effort spent on optimizing its functional features rather than its aesthetics, it is not until you lift the top cap that you really uncover its unique selling proposition.

The creative re-imagining of the build deck includes an intuitive four post setup. These short, gold plated posts are positioned along the sides of the chamber, leaving the middle of the deck completely unobstructed. This setup allows for the perfect coil placement, suiting a range of coil configurations from basic, single coil setups to more complex, quadruple coil configurations. Its spacious internal chamber also offers a deeper juice well, which facilitates easier wicking and juicing of coils. The inclusion of a “locking notch” on the top cap provides more precise airflow control and minimizes leaking.

A revolutionary design that will appeal to DIY enthusiasts and flavor chasers.

In an effort to optimize the airflow across the coils, airflow holes are positioned in a distinctive, T-Shaped layout on either side of the top cap. The stepped interior of the top cap works in conjunction with these airflow inlets, throttling the airflow up or down as preferred. In this way, users are guaranteed optimal flavor outputs across all setups with even single coil installations delivering a “true” flavor experience when compared to other rebuildables.

All in all, Digiflavor’s keen attention to detail combined with a focus on performance has resulted in an impressive platform. Along with a very versatile and simple to use design, the Drop RDA could easily become the “best flavor atomizer” of the year. If you’re a fan of Digiflavor and/or The Vapor Chronicles, leave a comment and tell us why.

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Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA

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So, Sigelei has released a new box mod named the Top 1, with a futuristic look that many are just going to love.  We take a close look at the features and performance of this mod to see how good it is and determine if it’s one of the best vape mods or one to avoid like the plague. So let’s get on with our review.

The Design and screens on the Top 1


Car’s are the theme with the Sigelei Top 1 box mod, with its cool looking rev counter or speedometer that actually shows the wattage and the huge Sigelei badge on the back it really does look like a sophisticated bit of kit.

The black mixed with carbon fiber look complete the design giving the aesthetics a real boost. The huge TFT color display measures in at 1.3” and shows all the information you need like wattage, resistance, and battery life, with additional info like time mode and a lock indicator. The screen is just dominated by this huge dial though, but you can adjust the screen to suit your needs within the menu. Not sure the design is going to be loved by all.

The Sigelei Top 1 has the huge fire button to the side, which is well placed when holding in your hand, and there are two additional buttons below the screen to adjust wattage and the menu settings.

Badge on the Top 1


This is a dual 18650 battery mod that has the capability of reaching a wattage up to 230W, it is relatively cheap at around $60-$65, but check our vape deals page out like this and many other mods often find there way into the sale! To enter the menu section you click the fire button 3 times, here you can adjust your mode between temperature control or wattage, your display settings, all using a newly enhanced chipset that Sigelei haven’t used before. They claim it is more stable and the output is instant in comparison to other mods on the market.

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  • 10 to 230W
  • Temperature Control 200 to 570 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 0.05 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • 1.3 Inch TFT Circular Screen
  • Size: 89 x 56 x 32mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy



Just putting a matching colored tank on this mod really sets it off! So far really impressed with the design, let’s see how it vapes!

The Sigelei Top 1 designLet’s start with a 0.2-ohm coil at 50W to see how the lower levels perform. The mod has 3 different wattage mods so let’s try each!

User mode and normal mode are pretty much the same, we really can’t tell much difference, but when you switch it to hard mode… wow! The mod is so responsive, it’s like you instantly get the wattage without any wait whatsoever! Bet you can perform some pretty cool vape tricks with this mod!

In temperature control mode via the settings and changing the tank. The performance is as we hoped and the new chipset it performing overall very nicely indeed.


To Conclude

The Sigelei Top 1 box mod with the lovely aesthetics that would be right at home in an upmarket sports car is lovely to see. We love it when manufacturers take pride in their work and Sigelei obviously has here. Can we see it as one of the best vape products in its class, well no, not really. It has an appeal but only to a certain vaper and the lack of any original settings or features just let it down a little.

That said, to suit this new design they had to design a new chipset, that’s not only functional but really responsive and will more than likely please most vapers.

The only negative is that it’s a shame they didn’t release a starter kit with this mod, it would have been nice to have a matching tank.

Now It’s Available :

Sigelei Top1 230W TC Kit

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Smoant Cylon 218 Review

Leave it to Smoant to close out the year with a bang. They’ve managed to do just that with the release of the Cylon 218, a dual-18650 battery mod featuring an eye-catching design, an updated chip, a gorgeous 1.3-inch TFT color screen and tons of customization options. It hasn’t even been officially released yet, but I have a feeling that the Smoant Cylon 218 will one of the most talked-about vaporizers of 2018.

A Look at the Contents

The Smoant Cylon comes in a white cardboard box with a large RPM gauge on the front, and a list of contents, company information and a scratch-and-check authenticity sticker, on the back. That gauge I mentioned is actually one of the two available screen layouts of the mod, and one of the coolest features of this device.

Inside the box, we have the Cylon 218 mod, a micro-USB cable for charging/firmware upgrading, an instructional leaflet, and a bunch of quality control and battery safety cards.

Design and Build Quality

The Smoant Cylon 218 is one of those mods that people are either going to love or hate. I can’t imagine someone looking at it and thinking “it’s ok”, they’re either going to fall in love with it or detest it. There’s a lot to take in, and it may a little too much for some people.

First of all, the Cylon is not the most compact dual-18650 mod on the market. It measures 90 mm x 47 mm x 32 mm, which makes it 1 mm taller and 1 mm wider than the iJoy Captain PD270, only the latter fits 20700 batteries as well as 18650s, while the Cylon is limited to 18650s only. That’s a bit of a con in my book, as Smoant could have definitely made this thing compatible with larger capacity batteries as well. Why they chose not to give users more options in this regard is a mystery to me, but it definitely feels like a missed opportunity.

That said, the Cylon 218 does look and feel like a very solid device. It has a zinc alloy body, with faux-leather inserts on both sides, for improved grip. I’m really digging the texture of the two leather pieces, they feel like snake or crocodile skin to the touch, and really do improve the grip quite a bit.

The 1.3-inch square display is located right in the middle of the mod, but instead of being flush with the mod, it’s actually pushed in a couple of millimeters, which should offer it some extra protection in case you drop it or bang the mod against a hard surface.

The TFT color screen is definitely one of the main draws of the Cylon 218. It’s not quite as large as that of the Wismec Ravage230 (1.4 inches), but it makes up for that by being considerably brighter. The colors are vibrant and the resolution is very high for its size, so everything looks nice and sharp. Smoant really hit it out of the park with this display, that’s for sure, and they actually take advantage of it by including different screen layouts and a number of cool wallpapers.

While reviewing the Wismec Ravage 230, I was thinking that every manufacturer should switch to centered 510 connection, so I was very pleased to see that Smoant has already made the change. The Cylon mod has one of the nicest spring-loaded 510 connections I’ve ever seen. It sits in the middle of a 25-mm stainless  steel plate that’s screwed on to the top of the mod, and accommodates atomizers up to 30-mm with no overhang whatsoever. In fact, the bigger the atty, the better it looks on the Smoant Cylon 218.

The long, rectangular fire button is made of plastic, which I’m not too thrilled about, but works just fine. One thing you should know is that while the button can be pressed all across its surface, it’s much easier to press towards the top, with the bottom half requiring a bit more pressure. The adjustment buttons are located underneath the screen, and together with the micro-USB port create the illusion of an angry face. I don’t know if it was intentional, or if it just turned out this way, but it’s hard to miss.

The battery door is hinged and easy to operate, and the battery compartment features spring-loaded contacts at the bottom. It’s the same style battery door as on the iJoy Captain or SMOK Procolor, and it just happens to be my favorite style, so Smoant get a thumbs up for that.

On the back, the Smoant Cylon features a round, white-and-blue acrylic logo. It looks like a button or an LED, but it’s not. It’s just there as decoration. I don’t know if that was needed, to be honest, as the colors don’t really match any other design elements, so it just ends up looking a little kitschy.

The Cylon is similar in both same and size to the Captain PD270, but even more so to another big mod, the YiHi SXmini G Class. They’re not identical, but to anyone familiar with the G Class, the similarities are pretty obvious. From the positioning of the square display – dead in the center of the mod – and the centered 510 connection, to the gauge layout of the screen and the round clock screen-saver, these two devices have a lot in common.

I for one love the look and feel of the Smoant Cylon. Yes, it’s bigger and heavier than most compact dual-18650 mods, like the Smoant Battlestar, for example, but if you can look past that, this is a really well-made device. The screen is amazing, as is the centered 510 collection, and the faux-leather is a really nice touch as well. It all comes down to personal taste, but I happen to think that this thing looks awesome.

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Menu System and Navigation

Getting into the menu of the Smoant Cylon 218 is as easy as pressing the large fire button three times rapidly. Once in the menu, you’ll have four submenus to select – VW Mode, TC Mode, Setting and Wallpaper.

In VW Mode, you can choose between three standard preheat options – Min, Standard and Max – as well as Custom Curves, which allows you to set the wattage for the first 10 seconds of your vape. You adjust each of the 10 bars on screen by short pressing the fire button, then the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the wattage. Once you’re done with one bar, you press the fire button again to confirm. When you’re done, just use the “+” button to highlight “Enter” and press the fire button again.

In TC Mode, you can choose from three different materials – nickel, titanium and stainless steel – as well as TCR mode and TC curves, which is pretty much the same as the power curves mode, only for temperature control.

In Setting, you can adjust the screen brightness, choose between two display layouts – a classic layout and that RPM gauge I keep mentioning – adjust the screen timeout, and select between a round clock and a wallpaper as the screensaver. There’s also a Factory Reset option, in case something goes wrong with the settings.

Finally, in Wallpaper, you can select one of different wallpapers as either the background of the classic display layout, or as the screensaver, which shows up on screen if the mod isn’t used for a few seconds. Nine wallpapers to choose from is nice, but I hope Smoant will add new ones in the near future, or, better yet, allow users to upload their own. That would be really cool.

Navigating through the menu is very easy, as long as you remember that a long press of the fire button acts as a “back” button. Otherwise, you just have to wait for the mod to exit the menu after a few seconds of inactivity.

Adjusting the power output and the temperature is all done on the home screen, using the “+” and “-” buttons, as is the resistance locking, by pressing “+” and “-” at the same time.

If you tap the fire button and the “-” button while in temperature control mode, you can adjust the wattage the Cylon fires at.

I really can’t think of a single con for the menu and navigation. Oh wait, I just remembered. This thing round-robins in a very strange and frustrating way. Basically, it never stops. If you keep either the “+” or “-” buttons pressed, it just goes from 1W to 218W and back again on a loop. The same happens in temperature control. Normally, it should stop at the highest and lowest setting and round-robin at the next press of the button. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s kind of annoying, so I hope they change it with a software update.

But, overall, the menu system and navigation are great. Even though there are a ton of settings you can customize, doing so is simple and intuitive, so you never really feel overwhelmed.

Battery Life and Performance

Everyone knows Smoant makes some of the best vape mods on the market. No, I’m not paid to say that, it’s a fact, just ask anyone who knows their mods. However, when it comes to battery life, a lot of people seem to think that Smoant mods drain their batteries faster than others. That’s a misconception. Smoant is just more conservative with how low they allow the batteries to be drained. You can check for yourself by trying to use the batteries after a Smaont vaporizer gives you the “Battery Too Low” message in another mod. It’ll probably drain them a bit more.

Smoant have acknowledged this issue in the past, and at one point said that they were either going to lower the voltage limit or allow users to set it themselves, but for the time being the Cylon 218 is just as conservative as the Smoant Battlestar and Smoant Charon. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just something I thought you should know in case you feel that you’re not getting enough out of your batteries.

I for one can’t say I’ve noticed a considerable difference in battery life between the Cylon 218 and my other dual-18650 mods. I get about a day of vaping out of it, with two LG HG2 batteries, at around 60W, which is about what I usually get.

One thing I haven’t yet figured out is whether the Cylon features 2A fast charging. There’s nothing about this on the Smoant website, and none of the vendors I’ve checked mention it. It should have it, at least, if only because most of its main competitors do.

One small gripe I have regarding battery life, is the way it is displayed in the RPM gauge layout. You have a single indicator for both batteries, and it is only displayed in 10% increments. So even if you have 65% battery life, you’ll probably see 60 or 70 percent. It’s not a big deal, by any means, but I really couldn’t think of anything else to mention.

As far as overall performance, the Smoant Cylon is an impressive device. It features the new Ant218 V2, an improved version of the Chinese manufacturer’s proprietary chip, which allegedly makes firing the mod lightning fast. I don’t known if it only takes 0.015 seconds, as Smoant claims, but it definitely feels instantaneous.

The ramp up is also very impressive, especially in the Max preheat setting. I haven’t used it at over 100W, so I have no idea if it is indeed capable of outputting 218W. I honestly don’t care about that, as I for one would never vape at that level, but if you’re curious to know, I suggest waiting for Daniel DJLsb Vapes’ review. All I can say is that the power output feels accurate at 60W – 80W.

I don’t have a lot of experience with temperature control, as I hardly ever use it, but I can say that it passed the cotton test with a couple of stainless steel coils. In real-life vaping conditions, I found that you need to bump up the temperature a bit more than on other mods in order to get a satisfying vape, but I don’t consider that a big deal.

Finally, this may not be relevant to the performance of the mod, but I just have to mention how satisfying it is to use the Smoant Cylon 218 in power mode with the RPM gauge layout. The needle actually moves every time you press the fire button, and it stops at the exact wattage you’re vaping at. It’s pretty darn cool.


The Smoant Cylon 218 is an impressive device. I love both the design and the way it feels in the hand thanks to the quality materials used, and that color screen with its various layouts and wallpapers is really cool. the centered 510 connection is another big pro, as are all the different built-in features and customization options.

I wish it was compatible with larger batteries, to justify its bulky frame, and I’m not a big fan of that round decorative thing they used, or the plastic fire button, but I’m just nitpicking at this point. The Cylon is a really solid dual-18650 mod, so if you’re in the market for one of those, I suggest you at least consider it.

If you need an extra reason to love the Cylon 218, how about it price? This thing goes for around $60, which is a pretty sweet deal for such a high-quality mod.

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