Vaporesso Nexus AIO Starter Kit Preview

The Vaporesso brand is at the height of its success and known throughout the vaping industry for some of the most iconic mods ever created, like the Target Pro, Nebula, Switcher, and Revenger Mod. Adding to its powerful list, Vaporesso has released its own pod system, the Vaporesso Nexus AIO Starter Kit. It’s a highly compact and very appealing all-in-one system that uses the performance CCELL coil to achieve a mouth-to-lung vaping experience that will most definitely become your most memorable vape ever!

vaporesso nexus kit colors

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While certainly compact, sharing a small footprint of 85.7mm by 34mm by 17.2mm, the Vaporesso Nexus Kit is one of the smallest devices in its class. It’s ultimately an all-in-one pod-like system, which features a glass chamber that offers a 2ML e-liquid capacity. It uses a top-fill method, which allows you to easily expose the filling port and fill the device without any hassle. To boost its performance and deliver a customized experience, the Nexus device features adjustable airflow control and makes use of Vaporesso’s NX CCELL Coil Technology, allowing you to reach up to a maximum of 12 watts. The OMNI Board Mini also comes equipped, which hosts a slew of interesting perks, such as a direct voltage output, draw-activated firing, a colorful LED light battery indicator, auto temp control, low liquid detection, and a full protection suite. To ensure adequate power and an incredible battery life, despite its small size, the Nexus AIO Starter Kit houses a 650mAh rechargeable battery and uses a micro-USB charging port with a 1A maximum charge rate.

The Vaporesso Nexus is a marvelous all-in-one kit that features some very fascinating controls that are built-in to the device and automatic. For instance, the auto temperature control eliminates liquid burn that can occur at temperatures above 250 degrees, which will contribute to optimal vapor delivery. The low liquid detection, on the other hand, automatically shuts off the heating element when the liquid in the tank is too low, which will help avoid dry burning. These are awesome additional features made possible by the OMNI Board Mini, which is why you’ll find the Vaporesso Nexus AIO Starter Kit to be at the top of its class!


Now It’s Available :Vaporesso Nexus Starter Kit

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SMOK Micro TFV8 Baby Beast Review

SMOK TFV-8 Baby Beast

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Intro

The SMOK Micro TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank is the pint-sized little brother of SMOK’s TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. Many of the specs for the Baby Beast are reductions of those for the Cloud Beast: size (height) of the Baby is about 1/3 less than the Cloud, eliquid capacity is 3 mL rather than 6 mL, and wattage ratings for the smaller-sized Baby Beast coil heads max out at less than half that of the respective Cloud Beast heads.

This is consistent with SMOK’s design and marketing strategy for sub-ohm tanks and heads — many sizes, from very large to very small, often in numerous steps. The TFV4 line has four sizes. Here, with the TFV8, SMOK apparently felt that two sizes was sufficient.

SMOK TFV-8 Baby Beast Black

The Micro TFV8 Baby Beast is very similar to SMOK’s TFV4 Micro Tank, with the only substantive difference being their coil heads. The Baby Beast’s heads use what SMOK calls “Turbo Engine Coil Structure.”

So, just as SMOK’s TFV8 Cloud Beast is really the next generation TFV4 (like a version 2), the Baby Beast is SMOK’s next-gen upgrade to the Micro TFV4.


SMOK TFV-8 Baby Beast Coil Lineup

Like all the tanks in SMOK’s “Taste Furious” (TF) series, the Baby Beast performs well — slightly better than the TFV4 Micro. The new Turbo Engine coil heads do seem to improve upon the older TFV4 heads, but the performance enhancement in flavor and vapor production is incremental rather than spectacular — enough to notice, but not sufficient to generate major excitement.

We’ve apparently reached the point in sub-ohm clearomizer tank design where further improvements are no longer revolutionary. That’s not bad news, however, just the reality of how fast sophistication has been achieved in vaping hardware.


Small size
Great performance (slight improvement in flavor, vapor production and airflow)


Tank gets hot at higher wattage ranges
Performance isn’t that much better than earlier SMOK TF tanks


If you don’t own a SMOK TFV4 Micro Tank, the TFV8 Baby Beast is an attractive alternative, especially for cloud chasers. If you own a TFV4 Micro, however, don’t expect a significant difference, since there isn’t much.

If you’ve never vaped any TF tanks, you’ll probably be impressed.

Recommended, but with the caveat that the Baby Beast isn’t a radical new design or a substantial improvement, just a natural evolutionary refinement within the SMOK TF line.


Sigelei MT 220W Mod Preview | Lights and Action

The view from the back and side of the Sigelei MT

Sigelei MT 220W Intro

The Sigelei MT is the latest mod from Sigelei. It’s not for fans of minimalistic designs! This is an attention grabbing, sci-fi looking mod with 220 watts of power and up to 570F of heat for TC. Following the Kaos Spectrum and the soon-to-be released Vfeng Snow Wolf, it appears that Sigelei is “all in” on the LED lights. Originally it started a little over a year ago when Smok made the X-cube, but it died off a little until recently where lots of mods are going with the LED lights.

Sigelei MT 220W Specs and features

The display on the Sigelei MT

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  • 220 watts
  • Puff counter
  • Individual Battery input voltage
  • Screen: 1.0〞TFT color screen
  • LED fire Button
  • SS304 construction + Zinc Alloy
  • See through case
  • LED lights on chip
  • Transformer like fire button
  • SIZE: 87*50*33.5mm
  • Wattage range: 10W-220W
  • Voltage output: 1.0V-7.5V
  • Maximum current: 38A
  • Working modes : POWER/SS316/SS317/TiI/NI200/TCR
  • Resistance range: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω

Notable Remarks

The Sigelei MT 220W uses a symmetric design and center mounted 510 platform like the Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng 230W, which is like the SX Mini G Class – but aesthetically this thing is in a league of its own. It has 4 color options for the mod frame, each of which have contrasting colors with the two battery tubes which are SS304. Black/SS, Dark Red/Gold, Purple/Red, Black/Blue are the 4 color options known. The fire button is shaped like the transformer logo with 2 LED “eyes”.

The Sigelei MT 220W is an attention grabber!

The control panel is see-thru which makes it look that much more out-of-this-world. Seriously, it looks like a death ray will shoot out of this thing! The chip itself is visible through the front and has flashing LED lights as well that change colors. I’m not sure how programmable any of the LEDs will be, but based on the Kaos and the Vfeng, it’s probably safe to assume you will have a few color options.

Besides the design of the mod, function wise it appears to have the typical Sigelei options and specs as the Spectrum and the Vfeng. Presets for temp-sensing wires, TCR, power modes, etc. But the MT has an advertised ten fewer watts capability, yet it can accept loads down to 0.05-ohms where the others only can handle down to 0.1-ohm. The 510 is centered and based on the specs of 33.5 mm wide, it will handle 30 mm atomizers. This looks like a mod that is right up my alley. What about you? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Sigelei MT 220W TC Box Mod Review

In-depth Sigelei MT Box Mod Review

When you’re looking for a mod, what stands out to you? Are you inspired by elegance? Thrilled by sexy, sleek lines, or a minimalist approach to design? Or do you just want something that’s so far outside the norm that it can’t help but attract eyes and questions? If you prefer the latter, then we may have found the perfect mod for you! It comes from Sigelei and offers one of the most innovative and outlandish designs we’ve seen in quite some time. In this Sigelei MT 220W TC Box Mod review, we’ll examine the MT and see if its performance is as cutting-edge as its aesthetic appearance. So is this one of the best vape mods on the market, or just one to avoid altogether? Let’s find out:

All designs of the Sigelei MT vape mod

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LED lights are all the rage right now, with companies producing mods that flash, blink, glitter, and all but serve as effective stand-ins for the old disco balls that used to adorn many dance clubs in the late 70s. Sigelei has outdone virtually everyone with this newest offering, producing a mod that would look perfectly at home on the dashboard of any spaceship. Alien tech indeed!

The design is a symphony of symmetry, offering a mod frame that comes in four different color options. Those colors include Black and Stainless Steel, Red and Gold, Red and Purple, and Back and Blue. The mod frame in each is designed to provide a clear contrast in colors with the battery tubes. The outer shell also has a gorgeous firing button what includes two little LED lights.

adds to its sci-fi appearance. You can see right through it to the chip, which is surrounded by LED lights that offer a dizzying light show of alternating colors. We didn’t spend much time with the programming for those lights, though – so we can’t tell you how customizable they might be. Regardless, they do provide a really unique look to this powerful little unit.



We did spend time poring over the specs and other features, however – and we’re impressed, it certainly seems to have all the features that all the best e cigs have these days. The MT is a 220-watt mod that is constructed of stainless steel and a zinc alloy. Despite its high-tech appearance, it just feels solid in your hand – a fact that should bode well for its durability. As noted, the outer case is transparent, which is a really innovative way to showcase the inner workings and give it an alien look that might be difficult to achieve through other means.

At 87mm by 50mm by 33.5 mm, it’s a moderately-sized device that fits easily within the hand. Its design might appear a little odd at first glance, but ergonomic excellence was clearly a concern for the manufacturers. Our test group found it a real joy to hold and were impressed with the placement of all its various components and features – especially the firing button.

The display on the Sigelei MTThe device offers voltage output that clocks in at between 1 volt and 7.5 volts powered by 2 18650 batteries. Its rated for 38 amps and includes a number of different working modes: stainless steel 316 and 317, titanium, nickel 200, power, and temperature control. Resistance comes in at a range of between .05 ohm and 3 ohms.

Battery compartment on the Sigelei


From a performance standpoint, this thing is a real gem. Its temperature controls give you a wide range of latitude in choosing your preferred vaping style, and the sub-ohm capability is much better than many of its rivals. That’s important for cloud-chasers. During our tests, a few of our group members focused on vapor production and were completely satisfied with their results. We tested it with both a RDA and RTA tank and both performed really well.

The battery longevity doesn’t seem to be a problem either. We used the device throughout the day without recharging it once, and that’s always a good sign. Personally, I’ve owned devices that needed to be recharged several times a day. You probably have experienced the same thing with some of your vaping products, so you know how frustrating that can be. The box of the Sigelei MTYou won’t have that problem with the MT 200W from Sigelei!

Finally, it’s important to think about who might actually enjoy this mod. In our opinion, it’s a great option for anyone who wants a powerful mod at a reasonable price, if your looking for an e-cig to quit smoking with then this isn’t possibly the answer.

The device is typically priced at just under $80, but you can find it on some sites for as little as $49.73 – making it a real steal when you consider its innovative design and power. Of course, you need to also check out our vape deals as this and other mods come up for sale pretty often!

To Conclude

All in all, we like this box mod and hope that it’s a sign of even better things to come. We highly recommend it for vapers who want to combine the best elements of aesthetic beauty, innovation, and quality performance.


Now It’s Available :Sigelei MT 220W Box Mod

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iJoy Avenger 270 kit – “avengers” with voice control and color lighting, responsive to sounds

Very fashionable box-mod iJoy Avenger. The chip of the device, as you can already guess from the title of the article, in the possibility of voice control modes. In addition, the box is pretty rich in light palette, which can be tuned in different ways and can even change the glow from the sounds. Today on the review the maximum whale completeness.



Atomizer Avenger Subohm Tank, manual in Chinese and English, spare coil on the spiral, 2 batteries of the format 20700, USB cable, silicone adapter under 18650, glass under the volume of 3.2 ml, package with dope: wap-band, o-rings, adapter for 510 drip tip, coupon for warranty.


Information for information

Avenger is made of zinc and plastic alloy and has 7 variants of color solutions, a distinctive feature of the mod is the control function with voice and backlight settings that can be turned off at all, the mod can work as from 18650 and 20700, raises in varivatta from 0.05 ohm , is charged with a current of 1.6 A, the firmware is updated.



Height: 90 mm 
Width: 47.5 mm 
Thickness: 31.5 mm 
Weight without batteries / s 20700: 200 g / 313 g


Technical specifications:

Maximum power: 234 W 
Operating modes: VW / VT (Ni / Ti / SS) / TCR Mode 
Operating resistance: 0.05 to 3.0 Ohm.

Review of Avenger Subohm Tank

This is a serviced tank that operates on maintenance-free evaporators.

It was released in the winter of 2018 and, apparently, either because of the large circulation or for some other reason, the box-mode in the whale version is completed with such an atomizer.


On top of this, there is an 810 o-ring drip-type, which is metallized. There is a possibility that it will heat up and burn lips.

The top cover, the same top cap is unscrewed, allowing to refuel through two large holes.


The glass is held at the mine and the base. Glasses of two types – increased, 4.7 ml (goes by default) and standard, the volume is 3.2 ml.

The base has a blowback adjustment with stoppers. At the bottom of the unregulated pin.


Evaporators are wound on the base. The atom comes with an X3-Mesh Coil evaporator (Mesh coil), with a resistance of 0.15 ohms, and a working power of 40 to 90 watts. Spare conventional evaporator, with a vertical coil, with a resistance of 0.35 ohms and power from 40 to 80 watts. It is calculated more under a bulk. This is indicated by a large hole in the center of the evaporator and large slits for the ability of the liquid to well nourish the cotton.

Fashion Review

The top platform is fixed with 4 screws. The location of the connector is central, which allows you to wind the atomizers without hanging up to 28 mm. The brass pin springs well.


The front and rear panels are actually mirrored. In the off-state box-fashion can even be mistaken where before, and where the back. Distinguishes the USB port. The fire button is moved to the side, full-length fashion.


On the front side, the display and control buttons are “minus” and “plus”. The buttons are made of transparent plastic and illumination is carried out through them.


At the bottom of the battery cover. It holds tight, does not play, it closes securely.

The accumulator shaft has spring-loaded contacts. Batteries 20700 has a current output of 40 A. Through the silicone adapter you can put 18650. Batteries inside the mod do not shake.


Turn on the box five times. Information on the color display shows power, resistance, preheating, voltage on the batteries (this is the wheels of the car -A and B, when they are allowed, it means it’s time to charge), the counter of puffs.


In boxing fashion, you can choose almost any color of the backlight, as well as set the flicker frequency. Also, the backlight can react to extraneous sounds, will be adjusted for them and blink.


There is an opportunity to include voice control and welcome the box-fashion – “Hello, IJOY”. You can only manage in English. There are 13 teams in total. The main ones can be highlighted – turning the device on and off, on / off the backlight, changing its glow and flashing frequency, locking the mod, adjusting the power, controlling the operating modes.


Voice control is not working correctly. I have to repeat the command several times. Still, not a perfect yet functional, but perhaps subsequent firmware solve this problem.

Overall Impression

Avenger very much liked his design. It is downed, it lies well in the hand, it is convenient to press the fire button. In addition, it works with all the basic modes for wicking. The most important thing is raising from 0.05 ohms in varivatt mode, which means it will not be difficult to heat spirals. Fast charging with a current of 1.6 A, with this mode there is no Pasture, and maybe it’s for the best.



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Atomizer on the evaporators on the grid gives a tangible taste, though the grid quickly clogs, but they work out the coils quite well. The dressing is not quite comfortable, but the top cover does not snack, turns off well.
Cons and pros


-not absolutely correct work of the software on voice control, you have to repeat the commands several times while the mod will react,


-style looks, well-assembled,

– Rich functionality, including voice control (this is innovation) and setting the backlight,

-increases from 0.05 ohms in varivatta,

– universality of work with batteries: 18650 and 20700.


Now It’s Available :iJoy Avenger 270 234w Box Mod

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IJoy Avenger 270 Kit Overview


IJOY Avenger 270 Kit
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Not so long ago IJOY presented a quite entertaining (from the point of view of any innovations) novelty – a box-mode with support for voice control. I ask you to love and pay tribute, IJOY Avenger 270 Kit – the next mod for the battery 20700, which we will talk about today.

Packing and equipment

The device is delivered in a small cardboard box, on the front side of which is depicted a mod, the name of the company. On the reverse side, there is a description and main functions, as well as the content of the bundle. Under this packaging is a box of carbon coated with a carbon.

IJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 Kit


  • IJOY Avenger 270 Mod 1 pc.
  • IJOY Avenger Sub Ohm Tank 1 pc.
  • Battery 20700 2 pcs.
  • Adapter for 18650 1 pc.
  • Spare evaporator 1 pc.
  • Replacement glass 1 pc.
  • Spare parts 3 pcs.
  • Adapter for the 510th drip-type 1 pc.
  • Micro-USB cable 1 pc.
  • Warranty card 1 pc.
  • Instruction 1 pcs.


Palette IJOY as always for every taste and color, as well as options for a boxing-mod: with an unattended tank, with 20700 batteries or without all this.

IJOY Avenger 270 Kit


  • Dimensions – 89.8 x 35 x 50 mm
  • The maximum power is 234 W
  • Operating modes: VW / TC (Ni / Ti / SS / TCR)
  • Supported resistance range: 0.05-3 Ohm
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Support atomizers up to 30 mm
  • Power supply – 20700/18650 (adapter)
  • Voice control language – English

IJOY Avenger 270 is made of stainless steel and zinc alloy, the coating is glossy and very easy to collect fingerprints.

The design of the device, based on the name, refers us to the popular series of films “Avengers”, and the color combinations of some fashion colors remotely resemble the helmet of an iron man.

To the left of the front panel is a large Fire button. The key has a small stroke and is pressed almost the entire length, pressing is accompanied by a characteristic click.

IJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 Kit

On top of the box located fashion steel 510th brass connector and a spring-loaded pin, and the four screws which hold the housing and a little spoil the appearance.

Without any overhangs on the sides of the platform accommodates atomizers with a diameter up to 30 mm, which is pretty good considering the relatively small size for such a device.

Below is a photo with a complete atomizer, whose diameter is at the base of 25 mm.

IJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 Kit

Under the plastic insert on the front panel hides a large color display. In the lower part there are power adjustment buttons, equipped with a backlight, as well as a micro-USB connector.

IJOY Avenger 270 Kit

Access to the battery compartment is already familiar for two-pack boxing mods and is located at the bottom of the case, on which there is a recess for convenient opening of the cover, and certificates are also located.

In my copy, the lid opens and closes frankly badly, clinging to the lugs for the main body, so that without some effort it does not yield and inevitably scratching the corner with the cover.

Of the positive moments – the lid does not crock and with the batteries installed box-mod surely stands on the table.

IJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 Kit

Board Management

The box-mod automatically turns on when the lid is closed, displaying a rather amusing interface of the main screen, where the power (or temperature for the TC) is displayed at the top, the counter of puffs, the preheating mode, the supplied voltage and the resistance of the atomizer.

At the bottom of the screen IJOY designers were apparently allowed to pokazativit, so there for some inexplicable reason is the machine, and the approximate charge of each of the batteries is presented in the form of its wheels.

The display though and bright and large enough, but informative from such variant of information placing on it not especially. Why this car? What kind of pulse constantly runs across the screen? I have so many questions, but no answers.

IJOY Avenger 270 Kit

By pressing the Fire button three times, we get to the menu, in which there are 6 sections:

  1. P – Varivatta mode
  2. T – Thermal control mode. Ni / Ti / SS / M1 / ​​M2
  3. Flashlight – Backlight setting, color selection, flicker mode and backlight off
  4. NHSU – Preheating for varivatta. Normal / Hard / Soft / User
  5. TCR – Setting the ratio for presets M1 and M2
  6. Gear – Resetting the puff counter, screen off time (30/60/90/120 seconds), disabling the voice assistant
IJOY Avenger 270 Kit

Perhaps the most interesting is the voice control function. If you activate this function through the menu, when the phrase “Hello, Ijoy” is pronounced, the device should listen to the user and execute a command, for example, add or subtract power, lock the device, turn off the backlight, or turn off.

But on the other hand, box-mode, while in constant listening mode, loses a little in autonomy. One way or another, the mod recognizes commands in most cases, it’s not wrong with the selection and there is no such that when the command to increase the power, for example, I turn on the backlight or the device is locked.

However, how correctly this will work among the Russian-speaking population and whether the program will understand the emphasis of some – it is still difficult to say, there are very few reviews about this fashion.

A complete list of the functions available for management:

  • Hello IJOY – Activating the mode
  • Auto power – Supply voltage to atomizer
  • Auto watt – Automatic power adjustment depending on the resistance
  • Power high – Increases power by 10W
  • Power low – Reduces power by 10W
  • Lock device – Lock the device
  • Unlock device – Unlock device
  • Turn on light – Turns on the backlight
  • Change color – Changes the color of the backlight
  • Music light – Change the mode in which the backlight reacts to music and noise, lighting and fading
  • Romantic light – Smooth switching of all available colors
  • Light off – Turns off the backlight
  • Shut down – Turns off the device

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If you omit the voice control function, then we have another box-mode, on a time-tested IJOY board with standard functionality and protections inherent in any modern fashion.

The response of the board is good, the delay on pressing the Fire button is absent, it feels fried on the displayed watts and besides it can raise from 0.05 Ohms, which for me does not really play a special role, but it’s still nice.

The appearance and design of the atomizer

IJOY Avenger 270 Kit

IJOY Avenger Sub Ohm Tank is a common non-service with a good design, but nothing frankly new, if you do not take into account some evaporators that work on the grid.

There is also an RBA-base, but it will have to be purchased separately. Doubtful pleasure, but once the tank is included, then briefly consider it.


  • Height – 51 mm
  • Diameter – 25 mm
  • The volume is 3.2 / 4.7 ml with bubble-glass

At the top of the tank there is a branded steel 810th drip-type, which unfortunately can not be replaced with a favorite one, because in the upper lid it is held on two lenses. But if you want you can install your 510th drip-type, using the adapter from the kit.

The cover hiding the filling holes is knurled and quite comfortable. Holes are huge, you can fill from any vials, including a bucket.

IJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 Kit

The glass is held in the upper oring. The shaft is screwed directly to the evaporator, which in turn is pressed against the positive contact located in the lower part of the base.

The tank is equipped with two evaporators: X3-Mesh 0.15 Ohm (40-90W) – it works on the grid and is already pre-installed in the tank, as well as X3-C1S 0.35 Ohm (40-80W), working on a conventional parallel.

As for the taste, both evaporators are quite good, but the sane taste can be obtained only closer to the maximum recommended power. The version of the device complete with this tank can recommend only for beginners as a starting kit.

IJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 Kit
IJOY Avenger 270 KitIJOY Avenger 270 Kit


It’s very youth fashion turned out, maybe even take off somewhere in the west, but with our mentality is unlikely. All these colorful screens, lights, voice control – it’s very doubtful.

But if you turn off all these options, you end up with a quite good and relatively small box-mod on a modern board with many modes, equipped with all the necessary list of protections and support for atomizers up to 30 mm, which makes it quite versatile if the listed lower pluses will outweigh the minuses found in it, because as always without them it was not done.

IJOY Avenger 270 Kit


  • Modern board
  • Easy navigation through the menu
  • Voice control function
  • Ergonomics and relatively compact dimensions
  • Support 20700/18650
  • Rich equipment
  • Workmanship


  • Glossy and marble coating
  • Battery cover
  • Menu interface
  • The weight
  • Weak taste of the complete tank
  • Absence of serviced base in the complete set


Now It’s Available :IJOY AVENGER 270 Box Mod 6000MAH

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